Castello Aragonese di Agropoli


The Aragonese Angevin castle of Agropoli stands out on the promontory of the city and embellishes the coastal town with its size and architecture. Its origins are very ancient, the first evidence arrived dates back to the Greek – Byzantine period, when a bulwark was built as a watchtower. Over the centuries, the presence of the Normans first and the Angevins then, has outlined the physiognomy of the castle by expanding the plant with towers and reinforcing its defenses with thick and high walls. Well preserved, the Castle is today one of the symbols of the elegant and classy events in Cilento. In addition to the banquet, thanks to the large courtyard that can accommodate up to 400 guests, it offers the opportunity to celebrate the civil ceremony on the wonderful and romantic panoramic terrace overlooking the sea. The Angevin Aragonese Castle of Agropoli is the ideal place to feel, for the magnificent day, king and queen.