the BEST.

The experience, the attention, the customization, the meticulous care of every single details; the possibility of being provided with top-notch facilities, such as the courtesy kit in the toilets (fragrances man-woman, needle and cotton, stain remover, mosquitoes repellent) or the power station to recharge smartphones; the ability to predict and know how to handle any unexpected: Exclusive Catering is the ideal partner to organize every important moment to perfection and completely relaxed.

A gem? Thanks to our 3D graphic design technology, we are able to achieve a realistic simulation of your event. Imagination becomes palpable reality.



Exclusive Catering is Bio banqueting: organic menus designed and cooked by our avant-garde chefs with excellent quality raw materials; everithing is fresh and carefully selected, freshly prepared by the catering in the location and served in a few minutes

Our 0 km products, tasty, wholesome , natural, are the result of a deeply-rooted philosophy, an ancient vocation for agriculture and rural territory: Donna Lulè, our Organic Farm, located in the ancient estate of the Eliceto Resort & Spa in Buccino, in the neighbourhood of Salerno, Paestum and Amalfi Coast, thaks to its 18 hectares of unspoilt nature, produces wine, oil and vegetables and rears outdoors, with natural feed, sheep and goats. Discover and taste: each product is literally “seen and eaten”.


& longing

The morning light makes eyes, faces and smiles shine; the colors of the sunset dye of emphasis and romance. Nothing is more poetic than the moon that mirrors itself on the sea and the sun that sheds light on the panorama of the viewpoint opens the hearts and fills the eyes. The nature show is unparalleled among vineyards and orchards. On the sea, with sand between your fingers and the taste of salt on your lips. With bare feet on the meadows, surrounded by the scent of peach blossoms.
On a boat, on a tower or in a castle.

Close your eyes, let your desire take its shape and imagine.
Move youself.
Discover our exclusive venues.