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Costiera amalfitana

Torre La Cerniola is synonymous with Luxury Wedding. Located in the small seaside village of Erchie, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, seven kilometers from Vietri Sul Mare, Torre La Cerniola is a building dating back to 1532 that rises majestically on the cliff, of which is silent and majestic guardian.Incastonata in the rock and Surrounded by the sea, is an ancient watchtower and later Tonnara to the Italian. Exclusive location for sought-after events and weddings, all framed by breathtaking views. Torre della Cerniola, will allow you to organize a bridal reception with exquisite elegance thanks to the personal attention of the hotel that will be at your disposal for the realization and personalization of the whole event. From the terraces you can hear the gentle waves of the waves and listen to the perfume.Those who chose Torre La Cerniola for their own ceremony have the opportunity to enjoy the discretion and privacy ensured by the charming location of the outdoor spaces overlooking the enchanting sea mirror of the Gulf of Salerno. The chef’s gastronomic suggestions refer to the tradition and delicacies of Campania Felix and the Amalfi Coast: the most renowned Campania wines, fresh fish dishes, and the selections on the shelter of the Sele are at the basis of the menu that suits every need. Ideal for any kind of ceremony. The wonderful terraces that degrade on the sea house up to 140 people. Indoor halls are also available. For the spouses who want to enjoy the enchanting setting offered by Erchie’s Village, a few steps from the Tower, there is a church that can be used for religious rites. It is possible to celebrate the civil marriage rite within the structure directly on the sea. Arrival by boat for the bridal couple in the most romantic tradition of the Amalfi Coast. There is also a convenient car park a few steps from the church and the Tower.

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Arechi Castle is a castle of medieval origin, rises on the ashes of a Roman castrum and is situated on Mount Bonadies. The castle in the Middle Ages was used by the Salernitans to defend themselves against the enemies. Today it is considered one of the most important monuments in Salerno. The castle is currently made up of a central section protected by towers, joined together with a walled wall surrounded by merlons and offers a splendid view of the city and the whole gulf of Salerno. In the restored area a museum was set up inside the walls, where tools were used by castle dwellers, medieval ceramics and coins, plus exhibitions, congresses and conferences

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Il palazzo Farina, completamente ristrutturato, e di proprietà privata, costituisce una delle più interessanti costruzioni settecentesche della provincia di Salerno. Attraverso il grande portale di ingresso si giunge in un cortile che conduce ai saloni interni con accesso da una scala monumentale. All’interno la Villa, disposta su due ali, conserva gli ambienti dell’epoca di costruzione con affreschi e arredamenti in stile . Il parco ha una superficie di circa 15.000 mq.,ricco di interessanti presenze arboree (pini, magnolie, querce, palme) . La villa dispone di spazi interni ed esterni per oltre 300 invitati. Possibilità di celebrare la cerimonia totalmente all’aperto immersi nella natura, ovvero di sfruttare gli intimi saloni della villa. Da segnalare anche la presenza di giardini d’Inverno, Cantine, Scudera, ed un Museo storico-rurale all’interno.